Let your users manage their notifications

Plug SendMan in to manage, send and track your push notifications while your users get to choose what they receive.

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Push notifications
Here’s what you get out of the box
User Notifications view
Customizable in-app management view. On-demand unsubscribe support.
Powerful API
Send notifications and retrieve data from your backend with simple API calls.
High scalability
Send all your notifications without ever worrying about scale.
Remote configuration
Configure your app notification categories remotely.
Notification templating
Customize and enrich notifications with user data from our SDK or your backend.
User engagement analytics
Track how and when your users engage with your notifications.
How it works
Add our sdk to you mobile app
With just a few lines of code, you can start sending notifications to your users and tracking their engagement in your app. Easily send user properties from our SDK.
Add our customizable view
Let your users manage their notifications by placing our view anywhere in your app. You can customize its look and feel as you please.
Create your notification templates
Group your notifications by category to let your users choose what they would like to receive. Our templates support dynamic properties from either your backend or our system.
Use our API to send notifications
Call our REST API via HTTP or by using one of our several backend SDK packages.
Track your users' engagement
View aggregate data about notifications you send, or track specific users.
Enable your users to manage their notifications settings
When notifications are an integral part of your app, letting your users control what they receive is expected. With SendMan, you can let your users manage their notifications to make sure your users get the most out of your app.
Better understand the needs and behavior of your users
Measuring the effectiveness and reach of your notifications is a hassle to implement. With SendMan, your product team can analyze engagement and focus on the right content and value instead of wasting time on implementing it in-house.
Create templates for recurring notifications
Using development resources for iterating over content versions can be expensive and time-consuming. With SendMan, you get a no-code tool to edit the notifications you send and can embed parameters according to data from your users.
Remotely configure your app notifications categories
Waiting for a development resource to release a mobile application every time your product or marketing notification strategy changes can slow your work and detract from your focus. With SendMan, you can manage your templates and categories remotely, so that you can seamlessly keep your app up-to-date with your current strategy.
Trigger everything from either the backend or the dashboard
Maintaining the notification preferences of each user can create a lot of overhead. With SendMan, you select your audience (via the UI or API) and send them a notification without worrying what their configuration is — we’ll do that for you.
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