Introducing SendMan

Anat, Avishay

Push notifications implementation is often considered a pain among developers.
We started SendMan because it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve been circling through the tech industry for 15 years now, and we’ve witnessed the evolution of push notifications from its first days.
During these years, we’ve consulted dozens of startups and enterprises about the best ways to integrate push notifications into their applications, and we ourselves have managed to improve multiple business metrics using this powerful tool.
One thing is for sure — push notifications have become an essential part of communicating with end users and driving retention in all modern applications. Optimizing this tool almost always contributes to a better user experience.

So, how come developers still try to avoid using push notifications?

The tech industry has identified the importance of push notifications, and as a result, there is nowadays a seemingly endless number of notifications services.
This inspired us to figure out why, in many cases, none of these services fit the developers’ needs.
What we came to realize is that while there are indeed many services that try to help implement push notifications, most of them do so from a marketing point of view, and these are too complex and too cumbersome for implementation.

Up until the last few years, the most common use case for push notifications was something along the lines of a marketing person running a “Black Friday” promotion.
While this use case is mainly fulfilled by a smooth UI for sending notifications, transactional notifications require a different set of features.

Transactional notifications

  • “You have a new friend request”
  • “A new article about Justin Bieber is available”
  • “Your taxi is waiting outside”

These are examples of transactional push notifications — notifications that are sent as part of the company’s business logic, usually via the company’s backend.
We felt this use case deserved a solution that is tailored for it, instead of asking developers to “force” a marketing approach to solve a problem it is not equipped to solve.

As a developer (or an R&D organization), fulfilling the requirements of transactional notifications — especially if this is your first time implementing push notifications — is not an easy task.

This is why we founded SendMan: an easy to use, developer-first solution for push notifications (and soon, email notifications as well!) that tackles the problem of transactional notifications.
We at SendMan put our focus on creating the simplest possible tool to integrate and use, so you — as application creators — can focus on delivering the best value to your users.

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