Why You Should Use a Notification Management View

Anat, Avishay

Alongside reliable push notification management and tracking, SendMan offers a customizable notification management view that can be embedded in applications using our SDK.
This view enables your end users to decide which types of notifications they want to receive.
After the (very) simple integration, the list of categories, including their descriptions, can be remotely controlled from the dashboard.

SendMan's notifications view

We believe that in order to create the best user experience, a company should enable their users to decide how they want to use the app.
Since push notifications can potentially be intrusive, it is not uncommon for users to get frustrated with them and opt-out of them altogether.
Users who opt out of notifications state that the main reasons for doing so are too frequent or irrelevant notifications.

Larger companies, like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many others, caught on to that fact and are letting their users manage their notifications in a very detailed way.
These companies all want to establish trust, so they let their users choose what they want to receive (and sometimes, when and how they receive it).

Apps with a notifications view

What about you?

Supporting such a mechanism requires developing a notification management view for all app platforms, tracking which users are interested in which notifications, and sending the notifications based on the tracked data.
Since not all companies are Facebook or Google, this R&D effort is usually too much for them, and this highly valuable feature is often kept in the backlog or completely ignored.
This is why SendMan offers a drop-in notification management view for your end users that can be added with just one line of code.

The future of notification preferences

Back at the end of 2017, Android was the first OS to introduce category management (which is called channels). We saw this as a welcome change and we assume that it won’t be long before Apple introduces a similar mechanism in iOS.
We believe that integrating notification preferences into an application shifts product focus to creating a better, more thoughtful user experience.

While channels are a great addition to the user experience, relying on it means you do not control or possess this relevant data about your users. SendMan does exactly that for you — we collect the user preferences so you can make your notification decisions with all the available data.

Want to see how easy it is to implement? Take a look at our documentation.

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